Vision Impairment

The Flourish Specialist Education Services for the Vision Impaired provides advice and support for children and young people aged 0-19 with a vision impairment, their parents/carers, settings and schools. The Service team consists of Qualified Teachers of the Vision Impaired, a Habilitation Specialist, giving advice on getting around safely and how to make environments accessible, and an IT Specialist, to advise on how technology can help and to offer training. Team members visit wherever the child or young person is as well as providing information by telephone, email and our website.

• Initial information, advice and guidance to parents

• Assessment of how a child is managing their vision impairment and how they might best be supported to achieve best outcomes

• Appropriate support following assessment and monitoring of progress, including advice on how to access the curriculum and exams

• Supporting parents with pre-school children at home, which could include advice on creating a sensory environment at home and which toys are suitable for younger children

• Advice to educational settings, which could include using large print books and Braille materials

• Advice on technology and how this can help – including assessment, recommendations and training on suitable software and hardware

• Orientation and mobility training, encouraging children and young people to independently and safely move and explore their environments, engaging in road safety training, long cane training and public transportation use

• Environmental audits of educational settings to make recommendations on adaptations needed to the physical environment

• Training and workshops to raise awareness about vision impairment and how best to support children and young people with a vision impairment on our caseload.


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