Specialist IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy Package

George Christou

At the forefront of our Specialist IT Consultancy service is George Christou, our IT Specialist Lead, who works as part of the outreach service to equip pupils in mainstream schools with the IT and assistive technology that will enable them to learn, communicate and enjoy a great quality of life. We work on an individual basis with pupils and know there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  As such, we are committed to creating tailored solutions that work best for each child and, importantly, their school environment.  In providing this specialist service, we want to create an inclusive classroom environment for every pupil and give their teachers the skills and knowledge they need to best support them.

Why invest in assistive technology:

Assistive technology supports children and young people with diverse learning needs by:

  • Delivering information in a way that is more appropriate to their abilities;
  • Adapt the way a pupil can interact with the curriculum and their environment;
  • Providing a more appropriate and accessible way for pupils to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum;
  • Supporting pupils and their ICT needs in Education
  • Improving their schooling access to IT for both now and in the future.

Who we support:

We are expert at providing IT solutions for pupils with a range of impairments and learning difficulties including those who:

  • Are deaf or hard-of-hearing;
  • Are autistic;
  • Have a vision impairment;
  • Have dyslexia;
  • Have a developmental coordination disorder;
  • Have a Severe or Profound and Multiple Learning Disability.

What we do:

Our package of support includes:

  • Specialist IT Assessment: a thorough assessment to understand each pupil’s individual needs and identify the level of support and assistance they require within their school environment; this looks at their IT knowledge and competency and their level of understanding.  Following this, we create a simplified yet in-depth report detailing the pupil’s IT needs and identifying how IT support and assistive technology could most benefit them;
  • IT Report with Specialist Recommendations: a set of recommendations detailing the specific IT support and assistive technology that is most appropriate to the pupil’s needs; solutions drawn on our expert knowledge of products currently available that include portable electronic magnifiers, PDS\\braille readers, magnification software and screen reading technology;
  • Specialist IT training: to ensure both pupils and their teachers know how to use the technology, we deliver full training on site.  During training, we will also set up the equipment and ensure it is working correctly.

As well as giving pupils the tools and skills they need to succeed within the classroom, our priority is to ensure all our solutions suit the specific needs of each individual school.  In developing our recommendations, we work closely with teachers, SENCOs and school leaders to ensure that every solution will work in that particular school environment.

To find out more about this service, please email:

 j.fitzsimons@flourishlearningtrust.org.uk or