Orientation and Mobility Training 

Orientation and mobility training teaches children and young people how to travel safely in familiar and unfamiliar environments.  Training will increase the child’s confidence and prepare them for future independent travel.

Orientation and mobility skills should begin to be developed in infancy, starting with basic body awareness and movement and into adulthood, using skills that allow a person to navigate their world efficiently, independently and safely.

What skills are taught?

  • Sensory awareness: gaining information about the world through hearing, smell and touch.
  • Independent movement: which includes crawling, rolling, walking etc.
  • Sighted guide: using another person to aid in travel
  • Self-protective techniques: using the natural extension of arm and hands which provide added protection in unfamiliar areas
  • Mobility devices: such as use of various canes, cane skills, and cane techniques
  • Route training: such as the safest route to the local shops, travel from home to school
  • Orientation in a new school
  • Public transport travel
  • Safety and level of independence are the key issues in orientation and mobility training. 
  • The Habilitation Specialist also undertakes environmental audits in educational settings.



Habilitation Date  
Sighted Guide Booklet 13th Sep 2023 Download
Orientation & Mobility Booklet 13th Sep 2023 Download
Playground Access 13th Sep 2023 Download