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School Support

Our school to school support ranges from providing tailored advice on SEND provision at Executive Principal
and Senior Leadership level to delivering bespoke SEND provision to individual pupils within their own school
or at home.

All enquiries please email Dr Jo Fitzsimons j.fitzsimons@flourishlearningtrust.org.uk or telephone 020 8531 3426 - Ext: 5001

School Improvement Consultancy with a SEND focus

We currently have a range of SEND leaders in education who provide expert advice and guidance on all areas of SEND provision including the curriculum, assessment and progress behaviour and coaching.
They can offer advice and guidance around:

  • Literacy
  • Assessment and Progress Behaviour
  • Curriculum
  • Behaviour
  • Social, emotional and mental health
  • Planning and assessment
  • Teaching and learning strategies
  • Organisation and strategy
  • Coaching

Our Specialist Leaders work in a variety of ways including one-to-one peer coaching, facilitated group support, leading professional development sessions, working alongside teachers in the classroom and supporting leaders. Their work could involve a wide range of activities including data analysis, coaching or joint action planning. This work is always collaborative and school improvement plans are made in close consultation with senior leaders.

Cost: £550 per day

Observing Good Practice


Observing other teachers is a key part of teacher development; it improves teachers’self-awareness of their skills and helps them reflect on their own teaching practice. It also gives them an opportunity to pick up useful strategies that will help them in their own teaching.

  • Tier 1: £40 - Handouts and slides on what to look for when observing good practice
  • Tier 2: £85 - Pre-recorded training as well as handouts and slides
  • Tier 3: £200 (including lunch and refreshments for a maximum of three people)

We offer five separate sessions over the course of a day – each of which focuses on a different area of SEND practice.

Observing Good Practice includes:

  • A tour of three to four classrooms observing excellent day-to-day practice with a focus on the session themes being delivered by teachers from outstanding schools;
  • A presentation on the theme by one of our highly experienced SEND leaders;
  • Follow-up handouts including a copy of the presentation.

The sessions focus on teaching and learning strategies to support pupils with vision impairment, hearing impairment, those on the autistic spectrum as well as those with complex needs.

SEND Quality Review

Our SEND reviews take a deep dive approach and involve an in-depth 360°look at your SEND provision to support your school’s self evaluation.  In addition, this process will help your Inclusion Manager and/or SENCO prepare for an Ofsted inspection. All our SEND reviews are led by experienced SEND leaders.

The agenda for the review is agreed with school leaders in advance and might include:

  • Discussions with senior leaders, Inclusion Manager, SENCO, curriculum leaders and/or a sample group of teachers and learning support assistants;
  • Work scrutiny;
  • Review of planning and assessment for SEND pupils;
  • Joint lesson observations;
  • Review of strategies to support SEND pupils;
  • Observations of interventions;
  • Review of SEND policy and information report;
  • Review of SEND case studies;
  • Review of SEND data;
  • Pupil voice;
  • Discussion with a sample group of parents of SEND pupils;
  • Review of resources;
  • Review of qualification pathways.


£850 for a 1 day review – recommended for small and medium-size primary schools or early years settings

£1,700 for a 2 day review – recommended for large primary schools and secondary schools

Price includes the review days in school and a follow-up report highlighting key strengths and recommendations. Price does not cover travel costs.

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